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In todays world budgeting is a huge deciding factor in what we do with our money. Make your vehicle maintenance more easily managed with a low monthly payment to spread out those vehicle maintenance costs. No more worrying about saving up for that next appointment. Choose what you would like covered and let us handle the rest.

Any suggestions to make the plans better let us know!
Any suggestions,
questions, or concerns please contact us!
Phone: 902-836-3309
Email: servic

Use code >maintainme< at checkout to receive 15% off the first 3 months!

We wanted to come up with a hassle free car maintenance solution.
Pay a monthly fee and we will take care of all the listed items for you. Drop your car off and pick it up with no ad
ded fees or bills.

Our oil changes under all plans use the top name brand oil on the market.
AMSOIL XL series motor oil for industry leading engine protection!

Choose your plan

Available for cars and trucks up to 3/4 ton.

  • Maintenance Tier I

    Every month
    • Oil changes (Full synthetic)
    • Tire changes
    • Fluid top ups
    • Tire repairs
  • Best Value

    Maintenance Tier II

    Every month
    • Everything from tier I
    • Tire storage
    • Undercoat
    • Brake service
    • Washer fluid
    • Windshield wipers
    • Bulbs
    • 10% off parts and labour!

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